Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fighting, Faces, and Icky Eaters

This quick study was fun. Took a bunch of basic shapes and observed different kinds of face shapes around town. One thing I love about China, I can stare at people all I want.

So the middle good looking guy is NOT from my town but from Shanghai. He was one of the metal heads I um...moshed with at the Lamb of God concert. The rest of the sketches are from my KFC window (this is now gonna be my hub as they have cheap shitty coffee but an awesome window). And I realized, my town has NO good looking guys, let alone manly guys. Couldn't find one attractive face. The two other guys depicted here are roughly what half my older students and generic men on the street look like. Yum.

Creepin' on People Eatin'.

This man is amazing. I did a quick sketch of his face in my last entry and decided to expand more on him. He just has so much character to him, I wanna capture it all. My friend says he looks like a Disney villan. Hehehe.

Am I gonna post something other than sketches anytime soon? When I fill all 4 walls of my apartment walls with life drawing sketches, I will. I will explain why next time. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ur chest is like a Petting Zoo

Isn't that just the best title?? Totally not original. I've been listening to very bizarre indie bands lately from my unsorted 250 gigs of music which I've been sorting for the last two years..

Anyhow, I found an effing cafe in Huangyan!! With real tasty non overpriced coffee and noninvasive staff!!! I wish I could convey how big of a deal this is for me as I can't life draw ANYWHERE without gathering a giant crowd. No it has nothing to do with me pretending to be Michelangelo, it just looks odd when a person in China is drawing, let alone a foreigner. So hiding behind glass and sketching life outside was such fun. It's been ages and I've regressed quite a lot..this top page took like an hour to do. But I'm gonna work on some more disguises and sketch more often now that it's warming up!

The rest of this shit smeared stuff is a mixture of sketches from my holiday..can't really say which ones are China which are Philippines..Enjoy! And big news in the next post!

And as for below, anyone follow my comic? I still update, at least once a week. And tis getting steamy as you can see!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Many Faces of China

SO I was gonna do a big sketch dump here from my trip to Philippines, but my internet is being a douche and only let me upload this one This was from my trainride, people weren't being too interesting so i grabbed a magazine and sketches. I know, cheating.